Physical activities, exercise, recreational activities during spare time play a very vital role in our overall healthy living. Awareness about healthy lifestyles and its acceptance and adoption in our daily lives will definitely help avoid lifestyle diseases that are widely prevalent in our society.

Sargaaramam is a centre to help you de-stress and detoxifies the body and mind by encouraging adoption of healthy lifestyles that pep-up your overall well-being.

Sargaramam is in the process of organising various activities like marathon, running races, laughing and yoga classes and conduct of indoor/ outdoor games like boehe, finska, rummy, chess, carroms, mini golf, etc. These apart, conduct of health-related talks, workshops by experts in various disciplines; to improve the awareness level of the participants is also contemplated. Opportunities will also be available for members to socialise and involve in interpersonal contacts, to promote better understanding and build enduring relationships.

Running club

Sargakshetra Running Club (SRC) will function as a unit of Sargaaramam. As the name suggests the main focus here will be on physical fitness and wellbeing leading to better mental health. Several studies indicate a positive correlation between physical wellbeing (exercise) and mental health and happiness.


  • Conduct races, group runs, training runs and such other programmes on the road and track.
  • Conduct youth programmes.
  • Organize running events including marathons.
  • Health related workshops and seminars.
  • Conduct live events as well as virtual events (where the participants can self-report their participation.
  • Recreation centre and social gathering