(Senior Citizens Day care centre)

The Senior Citizens Day Care Centre is a platform for the elderly people to come together and have a good quality time. They also discuss the matters of common concern and share their experience and wisdom for the service of the community.

The prime focus of this association is to better the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well –being of the elderly, suitably employing the various expertise, practical knowledge and wisdom the members have attained in various fields of life.

This concept is around the idea that the senior citizens should have a platform where they get together and discuss various matters, which concerns the society at large. The center gives the senior citizens a belief that they can be productive members of the society. It is introduced to give protection and care to senior citizens regardless of caste, creed and sex and to provide a homely and friendly atmosphere to the inmates of Pakalveedu.

The centre was established in the year 2018 and currently there are about 72 members as active participants. Around 500 senior citizens are indirect beneficiaries of the program. Pakalveedu helps to enhance contacts, mutual understanding and friendship among the members. The centre organizes seminars, conferences, visits, exhibitions and medical camps. Sargakshetra also co-operates with Local Bodies, Welfare associations and the like working for the good of the seniors.


1. To provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual relaxation to the elderly while they are at the Pakalveedu.

2. To organize periodical medical camps, awareness programs and health check-ups for the senior citizens.

3. To do activities such as organizing camps and outings to improve the physical and mental health of the inmates in a systematic way and to cultivate fellowship among the inmates.

Various activities under Pakalveedu

Yoga – Yoga helps to alleviate physical and mental health conditions. The practices of yoga under the supervision of experts help in promoting self-care and encouraging overall well-being of the elderly. Yoga and meditation sessions are provided twice a week for the pakalveedu members. The elderly feels more energetic and able to manage their aches and pains that come along with aging.

Zumba –   As you age, it is normal to not to have the previous mobility anymore. Zumba helps to enhance your posture, coordination, balance and will increase the range of motion. The pakalveedu members get to practice zumba twice in a week to enhance their physical and mental stability. Zumba classes help the members to do an exercise along with entertainment.

Physical fitness training program – In the aging population, exercise has been shown to prevent disease, lower the risk of falls, improve mental health and well-being, strengthen social ties, and improve cognitive function. Sargakshetra pakalveedu provides physical fitness training for senior citizen on a weekly basis. Physical fitness trainers leads the sessions.

Memory Therapy sessions – Memory therapy uses all the senses – touch, sight, taste, smell and sound to help the individuals with dementia to remember their past. Memory therapy sessions are provided to the elderly, during which various games and techniques to improve memory are introduced to them.

Positive feelings – Sessions that help create a positive feeling are provided to our members. These sessions are given twice a month to the elderly.

Naturopathy – Naturopathic treatments are provided to the pakalveedu members. It is under the supervision and guidance of experts in the particular field that the sessions are provided. Orientation on the importance of good food and on how it can be converted to a good medicine is also dealt with during the sessions. Low cost nutritious materials are also introduced to the members.

Acupressure – It is an alternative treatment method, wherein the body’s own healing energies are activated to prevent the illness. Acupressure practitioners use their fingers, palms, elbows or feet, or special devices to apply pressure on specific points to promote energy flow. Both theory and practical sessions are provided to our members.

Medical Check-up – Periodic health check-ups are organized for the elderly. Once in two- or three-month’s health check-ups are organized for the elderly. The blood pressure & blood sugar of all the members are monitored on a regular basis.

Counselling – Sargakshetra offers both individual and group counselling for the older ones. Individual counselling provides them enough time and privacy to discuss thoughts and feelings that they experience. Group counselling creates we feeling among them and also the benefit of decreased isolation through interaction among members. Counselling also helps the elderly to reduce their adjustmental problems.

Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy is proven to improve many of the aspect like strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility and to control the pain levels of the elderly. Physiotherapy helps older adults to maintain their health, well-being, functional ability and independence. Sessions included both theory and practice are provided to the pakalveedu members.

Art and Craft – Old age is a good time to chaise dreams. With the help of art and craft classes, all the members try to develop something creative from ordinary materials. These activities also aid to increase cognitive reserve, maintain neuronal function, stimulate neural growth, and recruit alternate neural pathways to maintain cognitive function. Art and craft encourage them to express their creativity and to stimulate their minds.

Sannidhi (a day for good vibes) – With the help of professionals, efforts are made to create positive thoughts in the members. It is a blend of moral teachings and meditation. It offers mind and body relaxation.

Golden Age Meet 2018 & 19 – Sargakshetra pakalveedu and senior citizen forum in association with residence associations, similar working organizations and social workers conducts golden age meet yearly to gather the elderly. The program began in the year 2018. The program helps the elderly to develop a sense of belongingness in their society moreover they get an opportunity to socialize with others and thus develop a healthy relation.

Mega Medical Camps – Every year medical camps are conducted for the senior citizens. In 2018 a mega medical camp was conducted in association with Pushpagiri medical college, Thiruvalla. Teams from 9 departments were there and around 382 elderly participated. In 2019 the camp was done in association with St. Thomas hospital Chethipuzha and in 2020 she and he care medical camp for the senior citizens was organized in association with the med lounges.

Visit of Eminent Personalities – many eminent personalities spend time with our members and interacted with them in our institution. Kalabhavan Prashob, former ISRO director, Bishop Kariyil etc Are a few among them.

Muthazhikkorumma – Sargakshetra offered a wonderful opportunity to students to interact with the elder generation. This program aimed at inbuilding an attitude among young generation to respect and to take care the elderly. Senior citizens are immense treasures of knowledge and with the help of this interactive session they were facilitated to share their experience with the future generations.

Awareness Class – Sargakshetra organizes awareness classes on a regular basis for the elderly in order to sensitize them on various topics related to old age topics like old age-related illnesses; rights of senior citizens, Alzheimer related disorders, etc. Are covered during awareness classes.

Laughing Yoga – laughter yoga is a modern exercise involving prolonged voluntary laughter. This type of yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides similar physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Regular sessions of laughing yoga are provided for the Pakalveedu members.

Special day’s observation – Sargakshetra Pakalveedu observes all the special days like Senior Citizens Day, Independence Day, Mother’s Day, diabetic day, heart day etc. Various activities in relation to the day is carried out for them.

Monthly get-together & birthday celebrations – Sargakshetra pakalveedu conducts birthday celebrations of members and also monthly get-togethers of pakalveedu members along with their family. During such session’s recreational activities along with cultural performances occur.

Walkathon – Walkathons are organized for the pakalveedu member’s in order to commemorate various days like the world heart day, senior citizen day, world diabetic’s day, etc.

Outing – Outings and leisure trips are organized for the members based on their interest. The members go on outing under the supervision of Sargakshetra staffs. Tourist destinations, concerts, aqua fish farms, boating, visits to religious places are all organized for the elderly.

Tips Taps – It’s an initiative by Sargakshetra, wherein smart phones, its features and social media are introduced to the elderly. With help of professionals we introduce the features of phone and the various applications. Sessions are designed in an elderly specific manner and particular to the needs of the participants. These sessions are provided on a regular basis.

Swanthwanavarsham – This event gathered together the inmates from 15 old age homes. Around 1500elderly came together for the program. Cultural program, competitions, music and drama fests were all organized as part of the program. Gifts were also presented to the inmates as a token of our love. The caretakers of these 15 old age homes were also recognized and honoured during the program.

Annual Day Celebration – In the month of December Sargakshetra pakalveedu celebrates its annual day. During the program the members perform various cultural programs and engage in various recreational activities.

Recreational Activities – Recreation plays a key role in the well-being of older adults and in enhancing their quality of life. Recreational activities help increase health and fitness, as well as provide opportunities for socializing. It also provides opportunities for using the skills and talents developed throughout their lifetime, and for learning new skills. We provide the opportunity of card play, caroms, chess, badminton, etc.
Horticulture Therapy – Horticultural therapeutic activities provide multiple sensory stimulations that are beneficial to a wide variety of conditions typical of geriatric patients. At Sargakshetra we provided the elderly the opportunity to involve in horticulture therapy and help them to inbuilt self-confidence and make them productive. Ultimately these activities aim at providing happiness to the elderly.