Sargakshetra Cultural Centre has conducted cultural fest aiming the promotion of arts and culture for last twenty years in:


Professional dramas have been stages in Sargakshetra for the audience to learn and enjoy the art.

Dance & Music

Various dance and music shows have been organised and conducted by Fine Arts societies performed by famous personalities.

Biblical Show (My Saviour)

My Saviour is a two and half hours long Play, which narrates the story and message of Jesus Christ. It is a humble effort to introduce Jesus to the non-Christians, as the Saviour and solution to their problems and to reach out to them through the medium of art and culture.

For over 2 years the more than 100 shows were hosted in India. 150 artists, original animals on stage, light and sound effects were the highlights of the show. The theatre was set up with 1000 seating capacity fully air conditioned.

My Saviour- Religious harmony through arts and cultural shows. The show was significant enough to appreciate the vital role of bible play in transmitting faith in the formation of consciences. This project was an attempt to spread the message of Jesus – “the forgiving love, sacrificial love”-to the non-Christians, as the Saviour and solution to their problems. The project also aimed to control the increasing level of intolerance in the nation. The selfless giving and sacrificial life of Jesus and his message of love was interpreted through the show.

Overall, the show was a humble effort to reach out to the common man through the medium of art and culture. The highlights of the show1. 150 artists in authentic costumes and make up, as per the specifications of the period from which the characters hail. Strenuous efforts were undertaken by these artists to maintain their health and weight through dieting and physical exercises solely to act in this show.2. 50 live birds and animals, well trained also played roles in this show.3. About the infrastructure, a mobile air-conditioned auditorium with 170 seating, which covers an area of 20000 Sq. ft for stage, was utilized for the programs across the Nation. The set itself has the height of a 3 storied building. The unique feature of the stage is that it stretches into the midst of the spectators. The reverberating sound systems, the enticing light fittings were also the highlights of the program.

Soorya Fest