Kaval project: psychosocial care for children in conflict with law

Kaval, a project aimed at the integration of children in conflict with the law into the mainstream society, is a pilot project launched by Social Justice Department, of Kerala. The project is now carried out by the Women and child department and is being run in association with the Bengaluru-based National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS). The District Child Protection Unit collect the list of CCLs from the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), and hand over it to the NGO.

In Sargakshetra the project began in the year 2018 at Kottayam district and later in the year 2019, it was extended to Alappuzha district. The aim of the project is to provide psychosocial care for children in conflict with law by ensuring holistic care and rehabilitating and reintegrating them back into the society.

The interventions to provide psychosocial care and support for children in conflict with law and their family are based on the individual care plans developed for the children.

Kaval in Kottayam district:

Kaval Project in Kottayam district is started at Sargakshetra from January 2018.The NGO has deployed two MSW (Master of Social Work) graduates as Coordinator & Case worker for the project. The project has been providing psychosocial care to 96 children in the Kottayam district. The areas covered under KAVALKottayam are Chenganacherry, Erattupetta, Kanjirappally, Manimala, Pampady, Ponkunnam and Vakathanam.

Kaval in Alappuzha district:

Children in conflict with the law in 4 taluks in the district are assigned to Sargakshetra. The areas assigned under the project are kuttandu, ambalappuzha, cheganoor and karthikapally. Two MSW (Master of Social Work) graduates work for the project as Coordinator & Case worker. The NGO is assigned to take up 50 CCLs from Alappuzha districts.

Activities under the kaval project:

  • Psycho Social Assessments: Psycho Social Assessments are made to plan intervention in a child specific manner.
  • House visits: Regular house visits and interactions with the family help the team provide the necessary interventions.
  • Parent Management Training: A family – oriented treatment program which aims to change parenting behaviours, teaching positive reinforcement methods for improving their child’s behaviour problems.
  • Group work: A form of healing process to benefit children from shared experiences.
  • Counselling: A series of direct contact with the individual which aims to offer him assistance in changing his attitude & behaviour. According to each child need, counselling sessions are provided.
  • Follow up visit: Follow up visits is conducted to each CCL’s house, schools or other places to know them personally and to observe the changes in the child and family atmosphere.
  • Referrals: Referrals are made for various services like psychiatric treatment and de-addiction.
  • Life skill Education Life skill camp are organised for the children.
  • Workshops: Various workshops that help treat both mind and body are organised for the children.
  • Education support: Sargakshetra organises free tuition and also distributes free learning materials to the children under this project.
  • Skill Development training: The child’s interest in various art forms is promoted via providing them free training and support.
  • Community level interventions: Community level interventions like Drawing workshops, Medical Camp, Awareness Classes, Parent Management Trainings, Legal orientation programs distribution of Flood relief kits, livelihood support, Sapling distribution, Drug awareness programs, etc are organized for the children based on the requirements.
  • Rehabilitation: Under the project the children get rehabilitated to their family or children’s home.
  • Lockdown activities: Various challenges were provided to the children under the project that aimed at developing the creative skills of the children while staying safe at their homes during the lockdown period.