Awareness Programs

Awareness program


The motive of the workshop was to familiarize the students with subjects related to space science, to offer opportunities to interact with great scientist and academicians of the IIST, and most of all gain experience in laboratory experiments and space observation from faculties of various departments.

The students who had undergone the workshop were able to develop knowledge in the areas of basic science, astronomy and earth science. The experiments and the observations of the sky and problem solving developed a keen interest among the participants. Children who took part in the workshop made a quick response of questing and interacting with the faculties, this clearly showed their enthusiasm and the program triggered in the young minds interest and knowledge on space related science.

    • Agriculture
      Tips Taps Agriculture is an initiative wherein farmers are provided awareness on making use of modern technology in promoting organic farming. More than three sessions were organized with a minimum of 60participants in each session. Training was provided on following organic farming, how to control peat and other plant diseases organically and on preparing organic manure. During the sessions training was provided on mushroom cultivation, interested participants were also provided with mushrooms. Various plant saplings, seeds and organic manures were distributed to the participants. Discussions were also done on types of soil, types of climates and plants specific to each climate.
    • Social media
      Tips Taps Social media focused on imparting knowledge to the elderly persons on how to use modern technology. Sessions are designed in an elderly specific manner and particular to the needs of the participants. These sessions are provided on a regular basis. Senior citizens are provided information about how to use mobile phone and to get familiarized with various applications like face book, whatsapp, etc…
    • Learning disability
      This program aimed at sensitizing the parents and the general public on various developmental milestones that occurs during each life stage and what results if the same is not developed. Theprogram also focused onimparting knowledge invarious types of learningdisabilities and the need foridentifying and treating it in the early stages. Parents of children showing typicalgrowth and parents of those children showing delayed growth attended theprogram wherein information was provided using latest teaching mechanisms.
    • Disaster Risk reduction (DRR)
      Awareness initiatives on Disaster Risk Reduction were organized at various schools, with separate sessions for students, teachers and parents. Sargakshetra along with the support of various donar agencies, in addition to the repair and renovation works at various schools, had also focused on sensitizing the Students as well as the Parents Teachers Association about various Disaster Risk Reduction strategies (DRR). Sargakshetra staffs and volunteers had visited various schools and educated the students, parents and teachers on preparing themselves from various disasters. Models specially designed for students and PTA were developed and executed to ensure its efficiency.
    • Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WaSH)
      Student specific models were practiced to train and educate the children on safe water and sanitation hygiene practices in their day to day living. Students studying in various schools where Sargakshetra had undertaken infrastructure repair and restoration were educated on practicing water and sanitation hygiene. Both staffs and volunteers of Sargakshetra took part in this initiative in sensitizing the students on safe WASH Practices.
    • Water, Soil and Environment Conservation
      Initiatives were undertaken by Sargakshetra on imparting awareness to the community members on the topic water, soil and environment conservation. This program was been implemented among school and college students as well as community members. Painting competitions, distribution of IEC materials (calendars & Leaflets) among the students and community members, distribution of water purifier units, volley ball tournament wherein awareness quotes and T-shirts were distributed were all organized towards the theme Water, Soil and Environment Conservation.
    • Personality development program
      The development of the personality of an individual is required for the enrichment of a society from top to bottom. This programme is brought forth to carryout activities inclined towards the goal of imparting career orientation and value education to the participants. The classes related to this programme are handled by experts who are well- versed in mounding, shaping and forming careers of revitalized nature in the past.