Summer Programs

During summer holidays, this initiative comes into effect where in children come here to pick up various skills which would stand them in good stead in the future. As part of this endeavour, we provide crash course of roller skating, chess, dance, musical instruments, arts, Karate and other allied skill acquisition programmes to students. Children will be categorized according to their age and area of interest.

The acquired skills will be demonstrated at the final day of the venture. Sargakshetra started this venture during 2008. Every year students will be here to enjoy their vacation with infotainment.

  • Kaliveedu
    It is a platform in which a child develops into an artist or scientist, encouraging the creative process is essential in the early years of education. We provide a multi art workshop for children. Around 250 students participate each year. Education of children can be simplified through kaliveedu.
  • Kalimuttam
    This programme is conducted for primary children. Training is given in classical songs, musical instruments, dance, role plays, public speaking and pencil drawing. It allows children to utilize their holiday’s fruitfully. Each year around 270 children attended the programme. The inner urge of the children can be developed through this multi-dimensional training.
  • Kaliarang
    It is conducted for upper primary classes of school children. Training is given in dance, classical songs, art and craft, keyboard, spoken English, phonetics, personality development, public speaking and abacus. Around 175 students take part in this programme.
  • Kids Inn
    Kids Inn is A summer camp held in 2018 may. This programme was intended to impart basic manners and gestures to children so that they are brought up to a good humane. This program was limited to 25 students, in order to ensure individual attention and monitoring of each child.
  • Spinta
    SPINTA is a residential camp offered by Sargakshetra to Educational Institutions. In this camp students from various backgrounds will stay together in the campus. The students are provided personality development classes, career guidance, basic etiquettes and so on. This initiative was introduced in 2010. 3 or more such camps were conducted per year in different institutions. These camps were winded up in 2013 since residential camps are banned.