Covid -19

Covid-19 relief activities – together let’s fight corona

During the spread of the novel Coronavirus, Sargakshetra is undertaking various activities to fight against the pandemic. Sargakshetra activities range from distribution of masks and kits to ensure the wellbeing of the general public. This document contains a briefing of the major activities during the pandemic.

  • Distribution of masks
    During the initial stages when there was increased demand and shortage of masks, Sargakshetra with the help of dedicated volunteers distributed masks to the general public. More than 20,000 families got benefited from this program.  We also give out the mask at various schools, hospitals, panchayath offices and other institutions of Kottayam, Alappuzha and Ernakulam districts. Mask distribution is still on-going.
  • Distribution of dry ration kits
    The dry ration kits were distributed by Sargakshetra to 800 needy families in Kochi in association with Seeds India. The poor and the most vulnerable were mostly considered as the beneficiaries of the program. The Dry Ration Kit contained rice, wheat, toor dal (parippu), gram –red (vanpayar), salt, sugar and refined oil- vegetable. The thought behind this initiative was that the people get enough to eat during the pandemic period.
  • Distribution of hygiene kits
    800 families from Kochi were provided with Hygiene Kits by Sargakshetra in association with Seeds India. The hygiene Kit ensured the distribution of sanitary items helping them to fight against the Virus. The Hygiene Kit contained Liquid soap, bathing soap – detol/ lifeboy, detergent, utensil washing soap, sanitary pads, disinfectant liquid (phenyl) and a towel.
  • Distribution of basic necessities
    Sargakshetra in association with SH Monastery Chethipuzha and Kristu Jyoti School Chethipuzha distributed basic necessities to 400 families. The most vulnerable families of Changanacherry were provided with materials that are essential for their day to day running.
  • Support to cultural trainers (gurus)
    Trainers who provide training in various art forms were provided with the necessary support to help then to sustain them during the pandemic period. 50 Gurus received this aid.
  • Promotion of organic farming
    Sargakshetra grew vegetables in and around the available spaces at the campus that relayed on organic farming. The yield was distributed among the public at a very low price. Sargakshetra also distributed seeds to the local community members to promote organic kitchen garden at their homes.
  • Lockdown challenge for children in conflict with law
    The Children under the KAVAL project are provided with various challenges to help the make use of the lockdown period more fruitfully. The program aims at developing the creative skills among the children while staying safe at their homes during the lockdown period. The competitions help to enhance their family relationships, creative thinking, and skill development and to reduce the time spend for anti-social activities. Different tasks were prepared and shared with the children and were collected back with in a scheduled time period. Children were also provided awareness about the lockdown period and on the importance of staying safe. Videos and tips on mask making were also shared with the children. The lockdown challenge was provided to KAVAL children in both Alappuzha and Kottayam districts.
  • Temporary financial support
    Temporary financial support was provided to the poor during the pandemic period. People who were in need of immediate financial support were provided with temporary financial support. 20 individuals were provided with this support.
  • Summer track program
    During the pandemic period Sargakshetra has organized a 50 days summer track program for the children aged between 10 to 14 years, for free of cost.  Around 900 students participated in the Program, which started in the month of April. The classes were strictly online and we made use of various social media like the whatsapp, facebook, youtube, etc. Training experts of Sargakshetra scheduled the activities and programs for each day and guided the parents and children with tips to complete each activity before the deadline.
    Even in the midst of the pandemic students deserve to be happy and have relaxing vacation time. The program purely focused on students spending quality time with their families through fun filled activities. For this, the program intent to keep the child in continuous learning environment without compromising his/ her holiday. The Program also engaged the children to use their time for exploring real life experiences and to improve themselves to get ready for the coming academic year.